Course Description

Do you have a hard time keeping a guy interested in you? If so, this course will solve all your problems.

You're probably like most women who have no problem getting a guy. Instead,  your problem is you either pick the wrong guys or guys who have a hard time committing.

This course dives deep into figuring out what men want, how to stick out from other women, how to maximize value, and get him to stay! I promise if you do the things I say in this course, your success rate with men will skyrocket! No more wondering where you stand, stressing on if he's going to pull away, wondering when he's going to return, and having no idea what to do.

If you're currently talking to someone and it's not going well, you owe it to yourself to get this course and get him hooked. I believe there is no better information on the topic out there.

*Course will be constantly updated and improved to maximize your chances with him.

Your Favorite Dating Coach

Elliot Scott

What is going on everybody! it's your favorite dating coach, Elliot Scott. I believe the quality of your life is based on your quality of relationships and I am here to help you meet the right guy and reach your full potential.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Discussion

    • Discount Code To New Course UPDATE

  • 2

    The Fundamentals: Starting On The Right Foot With The Right Guy EVERYTIME!

    • A Healthy Foundation For A Healthy Relationship

    • 25 Signs/Fundamentals To Look Out For To See If He's Mr. Right Or Wrong (VERY IMPORTANT)

    • Is He Ready For A Relationship Quiz: Find Out Where He Stands By Taking This

    • Sexual Conflicts Between Mates And What Each Is Looking For

    • The Sexual Marketplace And Power

  • 3

    Context: The Meaning And Answer To Everything (Women Must Master This)

    • What Is Context? Why Is It The Most Important Thing In Keeping Men?

    • Becoming Picasso (The Layering Process)

    • Priority Lenses

    • Perspectives

    • The Art Of Framing

  • 4

    Becoming The Perfect Girl For Him 100% Of The Time

    • Hierarchy Of Desires For Men

    • Filling A Void

    • Tribes

  • 5

    Assets Versus Liabilities

    • The Importance Of Advantages And Cost

    • Sexual Market Value In The Marketplace

    • How Much value Do You Have In His Eyes (Quiz)

  • 6

    Situations, Questions, And Concerns

    • What To Expect In The Beginning Of A Relationship

    • Bringing Up Titles In The Beginning. How and Why

    • Where Do I Find A Guy Who Wants Something Serious?

    • After Dating A Month, Should He Be Wanting To See Me More Than Once A Week?

    • This Is Why You Need To Let Him Chase And How To Hook HIm

  • 7


    • Text To Send In Important Situations

    • In-Depth 8 Week Pacing Guide To Keep Him Interested

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